“The Corner Desk At The Office Part 2”

Yes in the 

corner of you’re 

private office 

where no one 

can see in 

And they can 

only see the top 

of your head 

And yes I want 

to magically



your desk 

And as I make 

my way up to 

your buttons on 

your Levi’s pants 

And I undo them 

slowly while 

having your 

cock in my soft 

tender hands 

And yes I would 

use my hot oils to

make it nice and 

hard throbbing 

And I couldn’t 

help myself from 

giving your cock

a sweet gentle 

kiss while it is 

getting nice 

And hard 

for me 

And oh how 

I want to take 

And run my 

soft hands 

And fingers 

across that hot 

body of yours 

while I explore 

your lips 

And moving 

on to your 


And to 

your pecs 

And your 

six pack abs 

And then let 

my hands gently 

grasps your heart 

shaped ass 

And then I 

slightly spread 

your thighs 

apart so I can 

see the whole 

lower portion 

of you 

And then

perhaps me 

coming back 

up slowly after 

me teasing your 


And I pull my 

body very close 

to yours until I 

feel you 

trembling from 

wanting me 

while you play 

with my clit 

And then you 

place your finger 

inside of my tight 

pussy making it 


And wet 

And very 

juicy for 


And you 


And pinch 

my nipples 

a bit

And rubbing 

your finger 

tips over them 

And then I 

have my toy 

handy (or dildo) 

as you take it 

And run it 

around my


And then 

sticking inside 

of my tight pussy 

And then perhaps 

you take me from 


And lean me 

over your desk 

to spank my ass 

hard until you 

leave red hand 

prints on my ass 

And then let me 

know how you 

want me to have 

me laying on your 

desk so you can 

slowly glide your 

fingers to my tight 


And play with 

some more 

before sticking 

your big twelve 

inch thick cock 

back inside of me 

And you have me 

against the wall 

of your office 

looking outwardly 

towards the front 

area of the office

And we are 

getting hot 

And sticky 

And very wet 

And we both are 

moaning and 

gasping for air 

while sighing 

very loudly 

And let me 

work my way 

back to the lower 

portion of your 

midsection to 

your hard cock 

And then gently 

lick it 

And suck on it 

And then you 

pull me back 


And then you 

go back to giving

And pounding 

my pussy hard 

while you smack 

my ass 

And playing 

with my hard 


And as you feel 

the wetness on 

And your cock 

And as we both 
sigh a bit of 

relief from 

hitting our 


And having to 

many orgasms 

to count

And it was such 

big relief from 


And needing 

each other ahh

yes don’t stop 

because you 

know how I 

like it 

Ā©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved March 26,2017–And not allowed to use any parts of my poems writing words thinking thoughts quotes stories without my consent and knowledge to do so and it’s greatly appreciated and thanks in advance y’all

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