“His Sexual Desires Of Me”

The hot passion of him 

walking up behind me 

grasping my ass while 

I am in the kitchen 

getting a cup of coffee 

He asks me nicely in 

my ear if my dear do 

we have time for 

some passionate 

sex love making 

before we go to 


And I reply back 

to him yes my 

dear love we 

have some time 

to spare before 

work this morning

So as he walked up 

behind me and 

gently sliding my 

panties down until 

they reached my 

ankles then he 

unbuttoned my 


And then started 

to grasp my breast 

in his strong rough 


And he picks me up 

lays me on the 

counter in the 

kitchen with my 

ass hanging a little 

over the edge of 

the bar (or counter) 

And he gently spreads my 

thighs open to gently 

slides his big cock inside 

of my pussy and he 

starts off slow and 

gently at first then 

he picks up the 

speed because shoves 

and thrust his cock 

deep and even deeper 

inside of me as I let

a little scream out 

with a loud sigh and 

moaning because he 

was hitting all the 

correct spots to 

make me have back 

to back orgasms 

His cock was a lot harder 

than it usually is and it 

felt like is was ripping 

and tearing while it 

went in and out of my 

pussy and I don’t know 

if he took a pill to 

make his cock seem 

even harder but yes 

it may have hurt but 

it felt so good because 

I don’t have that kind 

of feeling all the time 

but the sex and love 

making between us is

always out of this world 

and leave’s me wanting 

more punishment from 

him but this morning 

before work was even 

that much more better 

than it always is 

And he knows how I 

like sex in unusual 

places and how I 

like my sex or love 

making to be rough 

hard and freaky 

and kinky and if 

you can’t give me 

that you are only 

wasting my time 

and yours to

And spank me because

I’ve been a bad–bad girl

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved–And not allowed to use any parts of my poems writing words thinking thoughts quotes stories without my consent and knowledge to do so and it’s greatly appreciated and thanks in advance y’all

March 27,2017 





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