“She Wriggled And Squealed”

I wonder how she 

would feel then if 

I were to grab her 

and pull her over 

my knee and flip 

that little skirt up 

and pull those tiny 

panties down 

around her knees 

and then to take 

the flat of my 

hand and make 

the creamy flesh 

of your buttocks 

redder and redder 

until she squealed

And then

as you wriggled on

my lap and a certain 

familiar scent arises 

and it’s your pussy 

and I see that your 

lips are red and 

swollen and the 

smell of female 

and the aroma of 

arousal is filling 

the air and what 

if I stuck in my 

thumb and your 

pussy lips parted 

like a lilly flower 

pops open and I 

seen that you’re 

wetter than I’ve 

ever seen you 

before and darn 

me if that don’t 

start to get me 

hard and what 

if you feel my 

cock swelling 

beneath your 


then and what 

would you do 

with that and 

with your panties 

are already around 

your knees and 

your hot pussy is 

exposed for my 

pleasure and 

what then 

Ā©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved March 27,2017–And not allowed to use any parts of my poems, writing, words, thinking thoughts, quotes, stories, without my consent and knowledge to do so and it’s greatly appreciated and thanks in advance y’all

March 27,2017 






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