“Handcuff Me”

Handcuff me and hold

me down and flip me 

and paddle my ass 

until it’s  reddish with your 

prints and bound me 

the bed rails and 

me and pinch and 

on my nipples and 

the sighs and moans 

to loud then gag me 

make me beg for more 

flick my clitoris with 

finger until I am 

all around on the bed 

and then you slowly 

slipping your fingers 

inside of my vagina 

(pussy) until I sigh a 

bit more and me 

moving with the motion 

of your fingers and hand 

and as I am patiently 

waiting for you to move 

downwardly and licking and 

sucking on my clitoris while  

twirling your tongue around 

on it and making me shake a 

little bit and then slowly 

slipping your big hard 

throbbing cock into my 

sweet dripping wet and 

tight vagina (pussy) and 

thrusting it back and forth 

until we reach endless back 

to back orgasms and as we 

both can reach and as the 

sounds of us both grows 

more intense and louder 

as we both do reach beyond 

this pleasurable ecstasy

©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved 2017–And not allowed to use any parts of my poems writing words thinking thoughts quotes stories erotic-poems without my consent and knowledge to do so and it’s greatly appreciated and thanks in advance y’all